Links to websites with sprites. Many are from video games but the links in the "Other Sources" section contain links to artist websites and work. Make sure to ask permission before making and sharing a pattern that uses art from these sites.

Video Game SpritesEdit

The Spriters Resource - start here!
Sprite Database
Retro Game
Game Sprite Archives
NES SNES Sprites
RPG Classics
The Shy Guy Kingdom (last updated on Mar 2009)
Crimson Penguin - archive of NIS game sprites
Free Sprites for Games - a directory of sprite websites

Game Related SourcesEdit

These websites were not meant to be used as sprite sources but contain some hard to find images.

Video Game Museum
Let's Play Archive

Other SourcesEdit

Make sure to ask for the artist's permission and give credit where it's due if you use these resources to make a pattern.

Pixel Joint - community of pixel artists
Pixel Artists group on Deviant Art
Iotacons - pixel art of Andy Rash. Lots of famous people and pop culture sprites.