Futurama Support Cast
Pattern Details:
Width (stitches) 500
Height (stitches) 206
Size on 14ct: 35.7" x 14.7"

90.7cm x 37.4cm

Size on 18ct: 27.8" x 11.4"

70.6cm x 29.1cm

# of Colors 110

Futurama All (.sth; .pdf)Edit

Created by: spinuntilyoufall

There are really 2 different clarities for this image. The first is smaller (500x206) and blurrier, but is all on one pattern.

The second is much bigger (900x389) and clearer, but had to be split in two parts (therefore two patterns). There is some overlap of this one between part 1 and 2, so you will have to find the duplicate stitches (part of pattern) and correct.

The first part for the .sth file is in the next post.

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