Exploding Tardis (smaller size) (.pdf)Edit

Created by: starrley

The smaller version of the pattern is much more manageable.

Exploding Tardis (large) (.pdf, .sth)Edit

Created by: starrley

The original version is very large.

Exploding Tardis (small)
Pattern Details:
Width (stitches) 161
Height (stitches) 104
Size on 14ct: 11.5" x 7.4"

29.2cm x 18.9cm

Size on 18ct: 8.9" x 5.8"

22.7cm x 14.7cm

Stitch count 16,744
# of Colors 51
Exploding Tardis (large)
Pattern Details:
Width (stitches) 468
Height (stitches) 300
Size on 14ct: 33.4" x 21.4"

84.9cm x 54.4cm

Size on 18ct: 26" x 16.7"

66cm x 42.3cm

Stitch count 140,400
# of Colors 78